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kategoria silnika elektrycznego: 1LA7

Parametry silnika elektrycznego Siemens 1LA7166-0BB90-Z:

****spare part**** SIMOTICS GP only EX and PM version! low-voltage motor, squirrel-cage rotor, IP55 for driving fans double pole-changing * one winding in Dahlander circuit 8/4-pole* size 160L, * temperature class 155(F) NON-STANDARD WINDING 3 AC ..HZ, …V, …KW IM B3, IM B6, IM B 7, IM B 8, IM V 5 without canopy, IM V 6 B02=Acceptance test certificate 3.1 according to EN 10204 D23=Motor exclusively according to EVPG paragraph 1 of 2008-2-27 for application in transportation means for transport of persons and goods E00=ABS 50 °C/CCS 45 °C/ RINA 45 °C without certificate, temperature class 155(F), utilized according to F K31=Add. nameplate, loose K45=Anti-condensation heating, 230V K52=Except in protection class IP56 Non-heavy-SEA
Grupa silników elektrycznych Siemens: SIMOTICS GP 1LA7 LV-MOTOR

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